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Marius LeBlanc

The introverted main character, Marius was born and raised in the American south, went to high school in New York and left his high school friends behind to study art in London. He enjoys old and strange nursery rhymes and avoids conversation with most people. He has a pet invisible crow, Imaginary. Marius formerly appeared in the original My Life in Blue as a supporting character.


James Tierney

The excitable ginger Jamie is one of Marius's two flatmates. He is a huge fan of iddy pop and has been known to use blow jobs as social lubricant. He has a mothering streak which leads him to adopt discarded objects and repair them.


iddy pop

iddy is an up and coming indy pop star and college student, and Marius's other flatmate. He is tirelessly cheerful and does not always appear to be interacting with the world on the same level as those around him. This can lead to interesting situations, to say the least.


Portia Whittington-Bathory

The rich and lovely Portia is a student at the same art school as Marius and an aspiring actress. She is somewhat unaccustomed to having to do her own chores, but she is adjusting. From her room, she can hear loud noises that come from the boys' dorm.


Vivian Wolfus

Vivian is Portia's extremely liberated flatmate. She is progressive to a sometimes debilitating degree, and works very hard to hide her attraction to the feminine, "unliberated" Portia.



Everyone's favorite misogynist has crossed the Atlantic from New York to London, where he continues to be a dark cloud over all those lucky enough to cross his path. Formerly appeared in the original My Life in Blue.



Alexander Charbonneau's mentor and confidante has also made the trip to London, where she spends most of her time searching for lovable queer boys to mother. Formerly appeared in the original My Life in Blue.


Cortlandt Manor Band

Ardsley Hudson: The wry and kinky drummer and violinist.

Croton Harmon: The wanton guitarist.

Dobbs Ferry: The cynical and autosexual bassist.

Cortlandt Manor: The frontman of the band. He has a wife, Elaine, a daughter, Willa, and an underage lover/au pair, Bobby.

Mr. Winters: Cortandt Manor and Iddy Pop's manager. He is always under stress and has been to rehab at least once.



Luka is a flamboyant Russian professor of theater at Marius's school. He dated Vincent at some point in the past. Formerly appeared in the original My Life in Blue.


Mona Crane

Groupie and Bagel Girl for Cortlandt Manor Band. Mona knew Marius in high school, though they have not yet learned that they are both in London. Formerly appeared in the original My Life in Blue.

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